Prayer To Open The WV Senate


Almighty God, I humbly bow before you. Thank you for the great state of West Virginia we call home. We are grateful for the accomplishments of the past, the opportunities of the present, and our hopes for the future.

I pray for these Senators who represent and serve the people. Bless them and their families and the areas they represent. There are many challenges before us and we need your wisdom. The Bible says you give wisdom, you store up success for the upright, and you are a shield to those who live with integrity.

I pray for a spirit of cooperation and that decisions will be made to guard the freedoms we are blessed with, and to defend and help those who are most vulnerable among us. I pray for decisions that will be a blessing to individuals and families, and decisions that will protect and promote life from its natural beginning to its natural end.

Bless, watch over, and guide this session. I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, and my Savior. Amen

Charleston, West Virginia- March 13th, 2017