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Reputation May Not Match Reality


Scripture Focus- Revelation 3:1-6

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Sardis was a wealthy city at one time due to gold deposits in the area. There was also rampant idolatrous worship and spiritual darkness. The church there had a reputation of being alive, but was actually dead. Yet there were a few in their midst who had maintained faithfulness. Jesus spoke a word of instruction to the church.

Be alert! v2

The church needed to see the situation as it really was.

Warning signs of a dead or dying church:

A dead or dying church lives in the past rather than looking to the future.

A dead or dying church is busy doing rather than being.

A dead or dying church caters to culture rather than conforming to Christ.

A dead of dying church neglects prayer and evangelism.

Four stages of Church Life- Movement, Magnificence, Monument, Mausoleum

Strengthen what remains! v2 

What remains is about to die. . .I have not found your works complete.

Deuteronomy 10:12 

Strengthen what remains- Fear God, Love God, Obey God

It is for our own good!

Remember what you have received! v3

Memories mesh with our past and present, and connect yesterday with today and tomorrow.

The church had received Truth, Jesus, Life, and Instruction

Keep it. . . Repent. . .or face Judgment

Promises to the conquerors-

Salvation- clothed in white garments

Security- Your name will not be erased from the Book of Life and Jesus will confess your name before the Father and before His angels.