A Lesson In Generosity

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On a recent international mission project I received a powerful lesson in generosity. We encountered a lady early in our week, whose roof had fallen in. All of her earthly belongings got wet from rain, and most were ruined. As we spoke with her, she asked us to pray for her to find a way to repair the roof. She didn’t have the money or the ability to repair it on her own.

After we left, I asked the local pastor if there was any way that our churches could work together to get a new tin roof over one section of her home. The lady needed a dry and warm place to sleep. The pastor said yes, that he would talk to his people, and see what they could do. A few days later while we worked in the community with children, and a medical clinic, men from the church repaired the roof.

In the midst of the repair, the lady’s rooster got loose. We helped her corner him, and get him back in the enclosure. How did she respond? She responded by offering to give us the rooster for repairing her roof. All of her earthly belongings were ruined, and she offered us the best she had. Of course we didn’t take the gift, but what an example she provided!

Jesus said, “Freely you have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8 

I want to be as open-handed with the resources God has entrusted to me, as this lady was with us!