Climbing to Great Heights


The highest mountain above sea level on the earth is Mount Everest at 29,029 feet in elevation. Located in the Himalayas, the mountain attracts adventure seekers and experienced mountaineers. Those who set out for the summit face significant dangers including altitude sickness, severe weather, potential avalanches, and more. Over 300 people have died on Mount Everest, many of whom have never had their bodies retrieved.

Climbing the mountain has been especially dangerous as of late with crowded routes, and at least ten people have died recently attempting the feat. Which makes the success of a veteran Sherpa guide by the name of Kami Rita even that much more remarkable. Not only did he climb to the summit two times in one week, but he has also climbed to the summit 24 times and is 49 years old. Rita believes he can continue to climb until he is 60 years of age. Additionally, he scaled other high mountains including K-2, Cho-Oyu, Manaslu, and Lhotse. As a people, the Sherpa tribespeople have a history of yak herding, and trading, while living deep within the Himalayas.

To attempt a feat the magnitude of climbing Mount Everest requires particular abilities. A guide, in particular, needs physical preparation to attempt the climb. He or she has to be in condition physically. The climber needs a certain skill set and then needs to be able to apply the skill set effectively to safely make the ascent, and then the descent. Focus is necessary because of the inherent dangers of the mountain, and the fact that one mistake can cost a person their life. Determination is needed when fatigue sets in, or weather conditions are not favorable, in order to stay the course.

I am fascinated by people who can do things, like climb to great heights, and then repeat their successes. We can learn much from their preparation, determination, and success. Do you strive to push the limits, do your best, and overcome obstacles on the pathway of life? Don’t settle for less than your best as you climb to great heights.