The Space Between Knowing and Doing

There is often a significant amount of space in our lives between what we know and what we do. This is true in a number of areas of life. It seems especially true in our spiritual lives. One of the most important aspects of our spiritual lives is putting into practice what we know is right and beneficial for us.

Discipleship is about knowing and doing. Truth is the foundation which helps us know what is right and wrong and on which we build our lives. Living out the truth is where it becomes practical in everyday life. I have at times observed a disconnect between these two principles among professing believers and in my life. None of us are consistent all the time in every way. Yet we should strive toward consistently connecting what we know with what we do.

One of the wonderful things about the disciplines of prayer and time in the Word of God, is the Holy Spirit gently guides us in the direction we need to move. If we are diligent to spend time with God, areas of adjustment will rise to the surface, and He patiently brings us along so we are growing to be more like Christ. Gathering with God’s people for worship has a similar effect. God uses the time to encourage a diligent walk with Him as we observe others who are faithful on the same path.

My simple prayer is that I would not be someone who knows what is right but lives in another way. This is at the core of hypocrisy, “Do as I say, not as I do.” By God’s grace we can know and do and be faithful along the way.