Could It Be A New Beginning?

The world has been moving forward in fits and starts with an uneven recovery from Covid. Just when it seems like we are gaining momentum, something develops and sets things back. It is easy to get discouraged in the midst of it all.

I think one thing we need to realize, is the world is not going back to the way it was. Whatever we remember as “normal” is likely gone. This raises an entirely different question for another day about what “normal” really is.

Churches face many questions and unknowns. What will ministry look like in the future? How many of the people who stayed away from church during the heights of Covid will return? How will the digital impact be leveraged for good, but also affect churches negatively? All these are unknown from our perspective but are not unknown to God.

One question has lingered in my mind recently. Could it be a new beginning? A new beginning that is different, but ultimately even better than what was? I think we would do well to consider what could be, and not be discouraged about what was, and has potentially permanently changed. God brings new beginnings to his people. Let’s focus in that direction by faith, and see what He has in mind!