Perfectionism vs. Productivity

I like things to be done well, sometimes to a fault. Perfectionism by definition strives for things to be flawless which is not realistic. Productivity by definition emphasizes the efficiency of production expressed by a particular measure. Perfectionism leads to high levels of stress and disappointment because things are never flawless. Productivity leads to higher levels of success because it accomplishes the goals at hand.

Productivity necessitates asking and answering several questions. First, what am I trying to accomplish and what is my baseline objective? In other words, what would success look like? Second, what is my timeframe for accomplishing the objective? How much time do I have to reach the goal? Third, what resources are at my disposal? Are they sufficient or do adjustments need to be made before starting?

If preparations can be made based on the objective, timeframe, and resources available, productivity can be a reality. Rather than being held back by perfectionism, productivity can lead the way. Each of us has core responsibilities we are responsible for that must be accomplished. By learning to maximize and leverage the things we have to work with, we can accomplish them effectively.

Of course for the Christian, productivity is not the ultimate goal. Faithfulness is the ultimate goal. Productivity is a part of faithfulness because it is driven by diligence and wise use of resources.