Raise Them To Release Them


School is back in session and it is the season of new beginnings. Some children are entering into kindergarten, while others are off to middle school, high school, or college. Parents are reflecting on how quickly the time has passed, and wondering where it went.

It is a good time to be reminded, that God has given our children to us, and it is our responsibility to raise them to release them. I realize this is often easier said than done. If we have the right perspective though, it can help us stay focused on the goal.

Milestones in life are times for celebration, and not for sadness. They provide opportunities to see how our children are growing and encourage them toward greater levels of development and achievement. How can we raise them to release them?

Consistently pray for your children. This is not a trite suggestion, it is essential. As much as you love your children, God loves them far more than you ever could. Trust Him to watch over and guide them.

Maintain open lines of communication with your children. If you expect the ears of your children to be open to hear you, they need to know your ears are open to hear them. They typically communicate in their own time, so be patient and don’t try to force it.

Progressively increase the responsibilities and freedoms your children have. Have you ever watched a mother bird preparing her little ones to fly from the nest? Their development doesn’t happen all at once. She carefully feeds and cares for them as they gain strength. Once they are able to stand on their own, the mother bird begins to edge them closer and closer to the edge of the nest until finally they fly. It is very similar with our children. Increase their responsibilities and freedoms in age appropriate ways, until they are able to fly on their own.

Bless and encourage your children when they successfully navigate new things. They need to know you are celebrating their progress. A supportive home base is important for children to feel secure and have the boldness they need for new challenges.

We only have them at home for a brief time. The vision for our children, should primarily be focused on helping them become all that God created them to be. God made them, He loves them, and He has a plan for their lives. Help them find it and walk in it!

Psalm 145:4 One generation shall commend your works to another, and shall declare your mighty acts.