Buckle On Your Armor

9781598564358_lI enjoy reading about the prayer lives of faithful people of God. I have been reading through a book entitled “Taking Hold Of God: Reformed and Puritan Perspectives on Prayer” recently, edited by Joel R. Beeke and Brian G. Najapfour. One of the people profiled in the book is Matthew Henry (1662-1714). Henry is most well known for his commentary on the Bible which is available online for free. It is a solid commentary providing a good overview of the Bible. He started writing the commentary at the age of 42. Henry died after falling from a horse. The commentary was finished by thirteen of his friends. What many people do not know is that Henry was a committed man of prayer. He wrote, “I love prayer. It is that which buckles on all the Christian’s armor.” On page 143 of the book, “Directions For Praying All Day” are shared from Henry’s diary.

“According to Henry, the access that Christians have to God in Christ gives them-

  1. A companion ready in all their solitudes, so that they are never less alone than when alone. Do we need better society than fellowship with the Father?
  2. A counsellor ready in all their doubts, a guide (Ps 73:23), who has promised to direct with his eye, to lead us in the way wherein we should go.
  3. A comforter ready in all their sorrows. . .to support sinking spirits, and be the strength of a fainting heart.
  4. A supply ready in all their wants. They that have access to God have access to a full fountain, an inexhaustible treasure, a rich mine.
  5. A support ready under all their burdens. They have access to him as Adonia [my Lord], my stay and the strength of my heart [Ps 73:26].
  6. A shelter ready in all their dangers, a city of refuge near at hand. The name of the Lord is a strong tower. [Prov 18:10]
  7. Strength ready for all their performances in doing work, fighting work. He is their arm every morning. [Isa 33:2]
  8. Salvation insured by a sweet and undeceiving earnest. If he thus guides us by his counsel he will receive us to glory.”

God has made available to us, everything we need. Seek Him and buckle on your armor!