Thoughts and Feelings

Thoughts and Feelings .jpgGod designed us with a remarkable range of emotions. We experience joy, anger, sorrow, anxiety and a host of other feelings. Emotions are good, as long as they are kept in perspective and under control.

Emotions contain no content in terms of evaluating truth or lies. Expecting emotions to identify truth is like asking your eyes to taste something. They are not designed that way. Emotions are limited in that they cannot define truth, or discern between right and wrong.

Our capacity to think gives us the ability to do this, guided by the Word of God. Many Christians live in dangerous territory when it comes to their emotions. The test for whether or not something is true, is not our emotions, it is God’s revealed truth in His Word.

According to God’s Word, some things that seem right emotionally, or feel good, are actually contrary to the standards of God.  Our reasoning capacity should make decisions based on truth. God will guide us faithfully by His Word.

Emotions are good, in that they move us to feelings of awe, and humility, and gratitude toward God. We are not passionless, emotionless bearers of truth. We are people who feel deeply, and our feelings are guided by God. Thank God for the emotions He has given you, and ask Him to guide your emotions by His Word and by the power of His Spirit!