Resume Virtues vs. Eulogy Virtues

One of the books I am currently reading is The Road to Character by David Brooks, which was published in 2016. In the book, he discusses the difference between resume virtues and eulogy virtues. He writes, “While the world around us is predominantly concerned with and praises the former, we should be predominantly concerned with cultivating the latter.”

Much has been written on the subject since the Brooks book was published. Basically, resume virtues are “the skills you bring to the marketplace. The eulogy virtues are the ones that are talked about at your funeral” focused on what type of person you were and the life you lived. The eulogy virtues include “kindness, compassion, love, humility, wisdom, courage, and integrity to name a few.”

I think ideally, the core of who we are should be the eulogy virtues which at their best, are Christian virtues. I do not think these have to be developed to the exclusion of resume virtues, because all of us want to excel in our respective vocations and life responsibilities. The problem is if our lives are guided by a pursuit of the resume virtues and they overtake the eulogy virtues.

How will we be remembered? Are we living our lives in such a way that we are developing eulogy virtues?